After getting my G9x and taking it for a spin, the conclusion is that the new avago laser sensor has surpassed led optical solutions. It has pretty much no negative acceleration and tracks flawlessly (firmware 1.1) across cloth pads, Icemat, S&S, Func 1030 and other pads where laser mice have been a lost cause in the past. The only mice that have similar performance in the negative acceleration department are the DA/Salmosa but both of those skip like crazy on my blue Icemat, while the G9x tracks flawlessly on that pad.

The sensor or very similar models from avago can be found in Logitech G500, Logitech G9x, Qpad 5k and Steelseries Xai. Not sure if there are any other mice that uses the same sensor. It can be recognized by 12 000 frames per second, 10.8 megapixels and 5000+dpi (useless dpi IMO as most don't need much more than 800.)