After a long drought of tourney-less North American CPM (and a busy schedule), I've finally found the time to run a decent 1v1 CPM tourney. Ideally I would like to run a 32-player tournament, but I will drop it down to 16 if there aren't more sign ups. Also, this tournament will have cash prizes which will be paid out after the Grand Finals have been played, by means of Paypal. I know that the prizes aren't much, but I figure it'd be OK to give the community something.

Brackets and rules are available on the tournament page. The sign ups are open from now until the beginning of the tournament. You must be idling the tournament channel (#cpmchallenges) for as long as you are playing in the tournament. To sign up, PM either admin and they will add you to the list.

Additional note: I would like to run a tournament for euro players as well, but I can't find any admins. If you are interested, please PM nineX.