I'm surprised no one started an epic rant since it went open beta. Anyway, here it goes...

1. The weapons are a joke. SG seems to be the most powerful weapon, making huge damage even from mid range. Up close it's just insanely overpowered.
RG is a joke. What was once a powerful and hard to master weapon is now (also thanks to netcode, see below) a joke. Hitting someone 3, 4 or 5 times in a row without killing him is not uncommon in this game.
MG is (also thanks to netcode) overpowered. I can't believe someone can MG you to death before you can kill them with the LG. What was once a weapon you spawn with is no a killing machine for far range targets and also if used carefully can make a hell of a lot damage up close.
All weapons seem unbalanced. Even RL is weird.

2. I don't know what I think of the netcode. It seems like playing insta unlagged when using the LG or MG, but seems like I have 100 ping when I try RG or SG for example. I can't seem to RG hit any fast moving targets, the ones I hit are purely accidental. It seems like everytime I should aim differently - aim infront of him, directly on him, behind him.... Lotto. You might hit or might miss, nothing seems to be consistent.
But when using weapons like the LG, the netcode seems like lan. It's insanely easy to shaft in this game, but difficult to plasma someone. This whole netcode seems like it has gazillion bugs in it or something.

3. WTF is up with armor? Like it's not even worth anything? You might have 100 armor but be fragged with 2-3 SG hits. Having RA in Q3 you knew you could afford some shit to gain frags, but in this game 100 armor is like having just a little extra health. A few MG hits or just touch the shaft for a sec and you're down to like 30... WTF?

4. The entire game, hud, tweaks is a joke. With all the improvements that have been made in Q3 over the past 10(?) years it seems like we stepped back to the ice age. For one thing, I don't think it's even possible to switch teams once you're in the game. There's no join blue/red button or anything, no timeouts, no team lock when the game starts, items respawn after like 10 secs, sometimes you can't see what someone is voting (10 year old bug)m no team (item, took) chats,...

5. The game is riddled with bugs. From taking insane amounts of damage from a RL rocket splash 3 feet away to hitting someone when you aimed 3 feet away, occasional (read: every 3 mins) freeze-ups,... you name it. Probably the biggest joke are the respawns; often they work, but when they don't.... I played a game like 20 mins ago and spawned like 3 or 4 times on almost the same place and was quad killed every time, so that was fun. Also, there seem to be 28978 spawn points in DM6 and on every other map. Good respawn system is cool, but not when there are so many respawn points, there's someone spawning next to you almost every other second, no matter where on the map you are.

6. Maps: Why include all the shitty Q3 maps no one ever played in Q3 instead of ztn, hub,... And why not include pro-t4, why fuck up with the items on pro-dm6? But there are some great new maps in QL. Like Trinity - which is like the new dm6 for CA, Furious Heights - great duel map. But they rarely get played. I think they made a mistake to include dm6 since the start. They should've left it out and include it like 2 months before going out of beta. Now it's like Q3 all over again - dm6 all the time, all game types.

I still like and play the game, but only because I'm incredibly bored. I know it's still in beta, but given how the gameplay and the bugs haven't changes since December, I wouldn't have high hopes. You would have thought that from the knowledge and experience from OSP/CPMA throughout, we'd have a kick ass game with all the features sorted out + minor balancing tweaks, but what we have looks like they didn't even know those mods existed. Because of the the fast weapon respawns (which means unlimited ammo) and dodgy netcode, every TDM game feels like instagib. 5v5 TDM with 9 out of 10 people railing away at any second.

I was really excited once I got an invite, but now that I've played it for a couple of months I formed my opinion that this game is shit compared to Q3.

edit: should have mentioned the strongest point of this game; the online/website system. I think it is great and I can't see myself ever using a server scanner again. They were obviously unprepared for the open beta so they have quite a few problems with the queue were you had to wait like 30 mins just to play, but that seems to be sorted out now.