Team registration is finally open, EU seems to be ahead right now, and more teams on the way. NA players need to get their teams back into shape, but more importantly to create teams. The teams that form now will have a chance at getting themselves into international recognition. I do not plan to fall short of that myself with Team Kevegm, and I know many that are beyond my skill.

A few teams in NA are in record still a team, and I'm expecting good performance from them when the time comes, but to keep up with them, training with your new team is top priority.

Team Registration
To list your team for the tourney msg me: TheMafia on ESR or
Join United States of America Canada #uscpmpickup and/or Europe #cpmpickup on QuakeNet and pm me.

Team List
The current TCPM CTF Team List can be found in the event details

xano0ch's Promo Video
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Thank you to arqon and ix for their support through this post: