Over the past 10 days ive been trying to get this Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatass Card working on my new computer but it seems the mofo just doesent want to start work or be detected somehow!

It works on 3 other computers (my friends and my old one wich is a p4 2.4 with a crap asrock mobo) and the best i managed it to do was the sound card being installed working for a reboot or 2 and then just start to hiss and then i shutdown the computer and the device manager tells me again that the device could not start etc etc etc... code 10 error blah blah

I have onboard disabled, tried every OS there is coupled with every pack of drivers there is and fresh installs of OS from xp to vista and win7 with no use.

If someone here can be of some help i would be very gratefull!

The card is a Creative X-Fi Xtreme Gamer Fatal1ty pro

Btw: the pc is a core i7 with a Gigabyte x58-UD4 6g ram currently with vista 64