Hi all,

I am currently designing a new computer mouse. I was hoping people could answer a few questions for me to aid in my endeavour.

The microsoft wmo appears to be the most popular mouse with quake players, based on information gathered from this site. (Please correct me if I am wrong!) I wondered what the particular reasons for this are. I suspect it is a combination of shape, simplicity and price but would be keen to hear from you.

What I would like to know is:

What mouse do you use?
How do you grip the mouse?
What factors are important to you when choosing your mouse?
Do you prefer a low or high dpi mouse? And why?
Do you prefer a laser or optical sensor? Why?
Do you prefer a mouse with or without custom driver software?
What price would you pay for the "right" mouse?
And for fun, what is the worst designed mouse in your opinion.

I understand this may seem tedious and if you feel this way, apologies for the post. However, your input would be greatly appreciated and will benefit my final design, which, I hope may in turn benefit you!