After lolling my ass off at enough of his posts, I thought it would be prudent to list some of them. Post your favorite Alchemist03 quotes here...

To start:

"what you meant they are did play strong game..."

"so interesting mutchup.."

"peoples live like they never will die - and die like thay never lived... "

"you wainting? and what how many points for that post - hey brain and honor of our age "

His thoughts on Cypher:

"stuff by cypher like usa team on olympic in basketball"

"Cypher must have the Nobel peace prize - that he send his agression in quake"

"cypher maniac like joker from dakr knight "

His thoughts on Jibo:

"with that cpma shaft what let him to kill all opponent's intellegent things"

And even his thoughts on Fatal1ty:

"imho now fatality in q3 - nothing... "

On Russian players:

"dont worry about overrated russians... they can to play only vs each other in russia... on nothing lans"

And lastly, his random replies without using the REPLY link...

"what you meant"