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i've always been bewildered and amazed by lusers masking the blatant disabilities of Linux with ignorant comments about outdated win problems/crashes/blue screens, conspiracy theories and "you don't really need that" remarks..

i've always been amused how their efforts in pushing Linux on all popular sites has never paid off.. maybe they got people to try it, but that's it.

the failure of Linux is best expressed by the market growth of MacOS, a commercial operating system tied to Apple hardware..

maybe it has something to do with that disfunctional decade old clipboard system they still insist using (if you close the application from which you copied something, you can't paste anymore.. amazing :D)

or maybe it has something to do with all those "oh so different, but do we really need so many?" distros that insist in using different xorgs, kernels, libraries, sound systems (all of which are broken), compiler flags etc. that break Linux apps to the point it's better to use their Windows counterparts through Wine

not to mention from a (commercial) software dev's point of view: the wasted man hours for making your application work for every distro that tries so desperate to be different in all the wrong/meaningless ways (compatibility that will most like break in the next distro version anyway, so they just release the app for Windows/Mac and call it a day).

and idiots complain why companies won't port their games to Linux?


to keep retards away: this thread is not about Linux vs Windows, it's about Linux vs common sense, Linux vs itself: lack of standards and coherent effort of the Linux scene to break the barrier between them and the real world.