At ESWC Masters in Paris I made some video interviews and here are the first ones out. It takes a few days for Dailymotion to code the movies in high quality, so the ZeRo4 video is the only high quality now, but hopefully the others will be as good shortly.

Interview with ZeRo4
This interview was made early in the tournament where only a few games had been played. You get to know his opinions of the different Quake3 maps and what he has been up to last year.

Interview with Anouc
Anouc is an old school Quake player. At ESWC Masters she competed with her CS team Badgirlsclan and they won a spot an the ESWC Finals. She talks about her CS team and also about Quake Live.

Interview with Jibo
Jibo talks about how he has prepared for ESWC Masters and how he and Cooller will prepare for the next event.

Interview with czm
The interview was made in the beginning of the tournament. Find out why czm prefers dm13 over nodm9 and how he as an old school player might have some advantages against the new school players.”>Interview with 4K^DDK
An interview with DDK while we were having lunch. This interview got banned from Dailymotion because of obscene language, so I had to censor it in this version. DDK has a unusual way to prepare for Quake 3 tournaments… He plays WarCraft 3.

Interview with fox
An interview with fox after the final game against Cypher. Fox talks about his games in the tournament. You will also get an answer to the question: “fox or fojji?”

I will have more interviews up in some days, uploading takes a while.