I actually had plans to go to Quakecon this year. I've never been, but I've always wanted to go to a big event like this.

The rumor going around, is that Quakecon is using Quake 3 1v1 and Quake 4 CTF. Now, it's just a rumor, complete speculation. If they were to actually use Quake 3 1v1, I'd definitely go, but, there's a problem.

Today is June 30th, which means in one month, Quakecon starts.

One month away, and in terms of competition and games, nothing has been announced. Nothing. The public has no idea about the games being used. No idea.

I told myself, that if Quakecon doesn't announce anything by July 1st, I'm not going.

I'm sorry, but a tournament as large is this, can't announce games with ONE month left before the event. This is absolutely insane. I'm supposed to spend hundreds of dollars more on plane tickets, just because they want to dick us around? How hard is it to choose games, and announce it a few months in advance?

I talked to someone who works at the Quakecon events, and he explained to me that it's out of the Quakecon Staffs hands. I don't remember exactly, but he said that at this point, it was either the sponsors decisions, or ID Softwares decision. He said that they write proposal letters to ID for games to be used, and they decide.

So technically, it's nothing against Quakecon, more or less about ID or it's sponsors.

Regardless, this is just bullshit, and insane.

They really need to help out EVERYONE and just announce games earlier, I'd be happy with two months in advance.

Buying plane tickets last minute is NOT fun, usually everything is sold out, and super expensive. My flight is about $150-$300 more compared to two months ago.

I'm not asking for a Boycott or anything, but, this is just bullshit. Someone needs to get their act together. This is a massive gaming tournament, with people flying in all around the world, and you announce the games with less then a month away from your tournament?



So, I calmed down a bit. Heh.

I talked to some people in IRC, and they fully explained the system and how it works, but it wasn't anything I didn't know already.

What seems to be the main problem, is that the proposal letters sent from Qcon Tournament staff need to be sent our sooner. The ones for this event were sent out roughly 2 or 3 weeks ago. The thing about this, is that they can be sent anytime during the year.

So, if they were to send these letters in February, we would know what games would be used in tournaments at around March or so.

Hopefully we can see a change next year, send those letters sooner!