eswc ESWC Masters Participants unofficial update of the Quake 3Quake 3 tournament. The ESWC Masters of Paris will take place on July 4-6 and will qualify 3 extended players for the ESWC grand finals in San Jose

Update here:
(No Cooller there)

France France (4 Players)
Sweden Sweden (4Players)
United States of America United States of America (4 Players)
Netherlands Netherlands (2 Players)
Poland Poland (2 Players)
Austria Austria (1 Player)
Belarus Belarus (1 Player)
Canada Canada (1 Player)
China China (1 Player)
Germany Germany (1 Player)
Korea (Republic of) South Korea (1 Player)
United Kingdom United Kingdom (1 Player)
Total eswc (23players) (8 out of 24 allready qualifed for grandfinal)

Canada Evil Geniuses (3 Players)
Germany SK-Gaming (3 Players)
United Kingdom Four Kings (2 Players)
France Millenium (2 Players)
Portugal Excello (1 Player)
United Kingdom Fnatic (1 Player)
Germany Mousesports (1 Player)
United States of America Razer (1 Player)
Netherlands Serious Gaming (1 Player)

Austria Austria

Belarus Belarus

Canada Canada

China China

France France

Germany Germany
k1llsen (Qualifed for grandfinal)

Netherlands Netherlands
Vo0 (Qualifed for grandfinal)

Poland Poland
srs|av3k (Qualifed for grandfinal)
Matr0x (Qualifed for grandfinal)

Sweden Sweden
SK|fooKi (Qualifed for grandfinal)
fox (Qualifed for grandfinal)

Korea (Republic of) South Korea

United Kingdom United Kingdom
[4K^ddk] (Qualifed for grandfinal)

United States of America United States of America
SK|Rapha (Qualifed for grandfinal)

New invites:
Austria [4K^Noctis]
Canada EG|griffin
France slx
Netherlands Vo0
Netherlands draven
United Kingdom [4K^ddk]
Korea (Republic of) DONGJ1N
Sweden ArrW

Not going:
Sweden Fazz (No sponsor)
United Kingdom Dignitas/Hell (doesnt like q3)
Netherlands If-22 (Cant get free from work )
China Razer/Rocketboy (Earthquake in his hometown)
France Lowje (
Spain x6tence|Sombra (sombra is retired )
Korea (Republic of) Shiva (Unknown)
Russia mouz.Cooller (
Denmark Brescia (Not confirmed)