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Rating: 9.1 (19 votes)
Gametype: Free for all
Map: q3dm7 - Temple of Retribution
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: czm
Version info: dm_67
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This is an amazing performance of United States of America czm's robotic-aim skills at QuakeCon 2004. In the first round, in each group, players had to play an ffa game; Paul in his group had to face Russia LeXeR and Mexico km[serm and few other rather uknown players on Q3DM7. He hit about ~63% rail, hardly ever missing a single shot and about 35% machinegun which is amazing as well; mid-air rockets are also here. Guess who was first? :)

First 3 minutes are warmup, then his insane home run begins. Hope you enjoy it!