Thats right, Q3CTF is BACK for one night only.

Netherlands forever has arranged a one off best of 3 match between europes best players to pay respects to United States of America iTG`Lun, who sadly passed away on 05/03/06.

Darren "Lun" Webber was a great guy who loved shoutcasting Q3CTF. He kept the scene alive with his superb casts towards the end of Q3's life.

United Kingdom TosspoT and United Kingdom ReDeYe from Radio iTG will be shoutcasting the event and Germany #Splatter-tv will be providing GTV.

The game will take place on Wednesday the 19th of April at 21:00 cet and the following players will be taking part.

Netherlands forever
Netherlands thedutchone
Germany erazor (erazor can`t play, see comments for reason)
United Kingdom deus
Sweden Ooze
France Appleseed
Belgium Vertex
Germany Chewie
France Raoul
United Kingdom Sifer
United Kingdom Derfel (added for erazor)

For more information visit #<3lun on quakenet IRC.