- Contrary to popular belief, cooller actually speaks english fluently, and 17 other languages, he just doesn't want to make you feel bad.

- Cooller does not time armours, they automatically spawn when he stands on the spawn point.

- Cooller times your armour, in his sleep, from 8000km's away.

- Cooller once killed himself and went to hell, challenged the devil to a game of Quake 3, and beat him 56 to -3. 36 of the frags were done by the gauntlet which Cooller decided to use "for the hell of it".

- Cooller doesn't time. He waits.

- Cooller once lagged and teleported right at MH and RA at the same time.

- It was once said Cooller's tears cure cancer, but he has never cried.

- When Cooller hit puberty he instantly grew 3 feet. You don't want to see what happened to his cock.

- Kash is actually Cooller, playing from Russia when he was bored.

- Cooller once was unable to pick up the railgun on pro-q3dm6, so instead he suicided and decided spawn on it. He then railed his opponent 50 times in one second to win the game.

- Cooller has 15 illegitimate Korean children. Each of whom's first words were "no brain no..".

- The movie, The Matrix, is in fact the story of Cooller's ability to "see" the code in Quake. Cooller is the One.

How it started:
[ 02:07:38 ]  [ +tb0nE ] CZM does not time armours, they automatically spawn when he stands on the spawn point.
[ 02:07:38 ]  [ +plut ] It's a little known fact that CZM was behind the creation and refining of the railgun from quake 2 to quake 3, in fact he became so good at it be became the slug that hit you.

Credits and Bloopers:
[ 02:24:44 ]  [ +tb0nE ] ZeRo4 quit quake because Cooller told him to.
[ 02:25:05 ]  [ +tb0nE ] ...not good?
[ 02:25:07 ]  [ +tb0nE ] ok.

[ 02:15:33 ]  [ ~Ph4ntom ] i'd rape the devil at q3
[ 02:15:37 ]  [ ~Ph4ntom ] senseless

[ 02:13:46 ]  [ +nmz ] Cooller fears no mortal.
[ 02:14:03 ]  [ +nmz ] that wasn't a fact, just imo

[ 02:12:23 ]  [ +plut ] Cooller actually invented the english language, teaching it to William Shakespeare and then got bored. He then decided to play quake and create Renglish to confuse his opponent.

Feel free to add your own!