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melechesh Quake Champions Beta Impressions Generally Negative
melechesh ESReality Development Leave things the way they are
melechesh Which player model do you prefer in CPMA Xaero
melechesh Quakelive, Steam and VAC Don't care
melechesh When were you introduced to quake? 1996 baby!
melechesh Donations to send duelers to QC'14 Is it legit?
melechesh 125 FPS Showmatch - Cooller vs Strenx Cooller 5-2
melechesh 125 FPS Showmatch - Cooller vs Strenx Cooller
melechesh Anyone care to see changes to Phrantic? Option B
melechesh Add a railgun on Arcane Citadel? No
melechesh Which Quake has your favourite movement Quake Live
melechesh 125 FPS Showmatch - The Clash of Twins! Sting_pl
melechesh 125 FPS Showmatch - k1llsen vs av3k av3k
melechesh Zhu @ Dreamhack Yes
melechesh 125 FPS ShowMatch#1 Poll: evil vs strenx evil 4-3
melechesh 125 FPS ShowMatch#1 Poll: evil vs agent evil 4-3
melechesh Poll-125 FPS Showmatch#1strenx vs agent agent 6-1
melechesh Duel timelimit poll a time limit+frag difference formula
Vertical Vengeance
melechesh DreamHack Summer 2012 winner Evil
melechesh Why do you subscribe to QuakeLive? To Support Quake
To Access Premium Content
melechesh Best 2011 movie? Cooller 2010/2011
melechesh DreamHack Winter 2011 TDM winner AIRKISS
melechesh DreamHack Winter 2011 Duel winner Cypher
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