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cyan Should we let Streetrunner post news? Yes
cyan Which comeback would you rather see? czm
cyan Who will win in Dubai (poll)? SK|rapha
cyan Most suitable QL duel map [1] ZTN
[2] DM6
[3] DM13
[4] T4
[5] T7
cyan What mode for QL EMS5? TDM
cyan When did you start visiting ESReality? 2006
cyan Who will win QuakeCon '09 CTF? fnaticMSI
cyan Who will win QuakeCon '09? AMD.stermy
cyan self pleasure same amount
cyan What cg_fov for ESL-TV stream? cg_fov 115
cyan What r_picmip for ESL-TV stream? r_picmip 0 (Highest quality)
cyan Which game mode do you play the most? Clan/Rocket Arena
cyan Does kgb cheat? No way! Shut up clan519
cyan Quake Live CPM movements owns vq3 anyway
cyan xerp poll Lets all switch to CQ3!
cyan Preferred Quake3 Movement CPMA, Movement at 125 FPS in OSP
cyan Severity... Will be ruined by an arqon mod
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