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xerosawyer Do you want Clan Arena in Quake Champions? No preference
xerosawyer Should ESReality admins censor posts by QC beta users? Yes
xerosawyer CTF League/cup in Jan 2015, are you in? No
xerosawyer When were you introduced to quake? 1997-1999
xerosawyer Donations to send duelers to QC'14 Is it legit?
xerosawyer 125 FPS Showmatch - Cooller vs Strenx Cooller
xerosawyer ESH CTF Spring Cup to be played in 5v5 ? CTF 4v4
xerosawyer Anyone care to see changes to Phrantic? Option B
xerosawyer Which Quake has your favourite movement Quake 3 CPM
xerosawyer 125 FPS Showmatch - The Clash of Twins! Matr0x_pl
xerosawyer Zhu @ Dreamhack No. Nonononononono. NO!!112
xerosawyer DreamHack Summer 2012 winner Cypher
xerosawyer Best 2011 movie? It's Pekka 2
xerosawyer TDM Maps for DreamHack Summer 2011 Campgrounds (dm6)
Dreadful Place (q3shw23)
Intervention (osp6)
Realm of Steel Rats (cpm4)
xerosawyer Current Web Browser Firefox
xerosawyer When did you start visiting ESReality? 2000
xerosawyer QL CTF Format 4v4
xerosawyer Lightning gun damage? 7-7-7
xerosawyer gillz totally dense
xerosawyer Which notable events do you remember? XSReality becoming ESReality
Cl0ck caught cheating
The Blue bug
CPL Disbanding
Entry #36
xerosawyer Voice com for #cpmpickup games Yes, sometimes.
xerosawyer US presidential election, 2008 Cooller
xerosawyer Who will win ESWC MoA Cooller
xerosawyer Favorite gameplay based on Q3? cmpa cpm
xerosawyer Who will one day win a big tournament ? Jibo
xerosawyer ESWC Finals top 3 predictions. [1] Cooller
[2] Cypher
[3] av3k
xerosawyer GameGune Top 3 Predictions [1] Cooller
[2] fojji
[3] RazerJ
xerosawyer Who will win ESWC Masters Cypher
xerosawyer Who do you WANT to win ESWC masters? RazerJ
xerosawyer GameGune Q3 Allstars Poll Toxic
xerosawyer Is Forever right? E-Drama
xerosawyer Who is your least favourite ESR user walter
xerosawyer Quake Live CPM movements owns vq3 anyway
xerosawyer cg_fov in CPM >120
xerosawyer vq3 vs CPM, OSP vs CPMA CPMA CPM
xerosawyer Best Cooller Quote ]
xerosawyer Who are the most annoying ESR users? Majestic
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