Just copy/pasting some of the logs i have in irc everytime i have to play a russian for a cup (which happens 95% of the times cause admins just love that i play with 100 ping)

-21:30:41- (baSe_) this
-21:30:42- (baSe_) map
-21:30:44- (baSe_) ups
-21:30:46- (baSe_) server
-21:30:46- (baSe_) de
-21:30:48- (baSe_) piblik

(daNv3R) de ?
(Insan3) ok
(daNv3R) give me link
(Insan3) are u prem?
(daNv3R) no
(daNv3R) me smoke 3 min
(Insan3) http://www.quakelive.com/r/join/972300 ins
(daNv3R) i not have pre
(daNv3R) give me invite
(Insan3) get someone to invite u
(Insan3) i dont have pre as well
(daNv3R) don't see invite
(daNv3R) i add you
(Insan3) i dont have pre/pro
(daNv3R) go in public
(daNv3R) wait i change mouse
(daNv3R) today game swe only
(daNv3R) 140 PL
(daNv3R) man 2 min for smoke and go
(daNv3R) k ?
(daNv3R) wait 5 min , maybe ping down on de or nl
(daNv3R) i phone my provider

-16:33:31- (np_ZhoreZ) SUKA
-16:33:34- (np_ZhoreZ) FUCKING NOOB
-16:33:35- (np_ZhoreZ) ME PLAY
-16:33:43- (np_ZhoreZ) 20nd tourney in UKR
-16:33:46- (np_ZhoreZ) STUPID
-16:33:52- (np_ZhoreZ) me say w8 EUKA
-16:33:53- (np_ZhoreZ) PIDAR
-16:33:55- (np_ZhoreZ) ebaniie
-16:33:56- (np_ZhoreZ) loh

-14:04:16- (Radist) s tobou igraem
-14:05:07- (Insan3) wa
-14:05:12- (Radist) nsan33333 tui
-14:05:29- (Insan3) DAVAI
-14:06:15- (Insan3) what u want?
-14:06:32- (Radist) german
-14:06:34- (Radist) davay
-14:06:50- (Radist) -tox
-14:07:45- (Radist) ny
-14:08:25- (Insan3) -ztn
-14:08:29- (Radist) -aero
-14:08:40- (Insan3) -t4
-14:08:56- (Radist) -battle
-14:09:36- (Insan3) +dm13
-14:10:27- (Radist) silky hsa dam

-17:08:51- (razii) we playng
-17:08:57- (defs|ins) what's ur ping to uk/de/nl?
-17:09:09- (razii) POL
-17:09:32- (defs|ins) hm
-17:10:59- (razii) wath u nick in QL
-17:11:00- (razii) &
-17:11:01- (razii) ?
-17:11:03- (defs|ins) ins
-17:11:31- (razii) i u add

-14:06:25- (Yuzi) pffff
-14:06:46- (Yuzi) why I living in Russia... :(
-14:07:16- (Yuzi) what to do,,,
-14:07:18- (Yuzi) mmm

-16:06:57- (Insan3) we+re playing
-16:07:14- (iizer_) hi
-16:08:30- (Insan3) where u frm
-16:08:31- (iizer_) I not so on angl talk

but we r dont think that its champ))

Should you okay with me Give me the time of entry into the game banada
I can not enter your room when you are entering the game because they have a PAID
are you there
i think you watch
sory i engelish bad
game oynuyacanmı

ShadyAK's letter applying for a PAINKILLERHD beta key ( which resulted in an actual key, success! )
--- :
Helo) I Insan3) Give painkiller key, i play it win game shoot vo0)))
I play in Portugal national team) I like playing RU servers)) I am good player I shoot kill strenx cypher p0ni die) I have been quake live player for few times, every LAN I attend I 1/4 final or more) QL DUEL))) I like playing games and I enjoy testing new deathmatch games, and I believe my experience as both a LAN-grade QuakeLive TDM & Duel and COD2/4 player would be a good reason to give me a beta key.