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Diabotical Update - 04/14/2019 (39 comments)
Posted by Warden @ 14:15 CDT, 15 April 2019 - iMsg


-2GD is joined by promEUs and Bjarke who have worked on Diabotical maps

-Waiting on programming

-Brawl maps are done, CTF maps are done,

-Might not launch with CTF and MacGuffin, maybe it might come one week after launch

-A Wipeout map by promEUs and Bjarke is shown

-Difference between Wipeout and Clan Arena is that in Clan Arena players usually get a single life, in Wipeout there are respawns but the more that a team gets killed the longer their respawn times will get, the round ends when everyone on a team is eliminated at the same time (players haven't respawned yet)

-Tagging/sprays are shown

-MrH's map arted by promEUs who was inspired by how a race map from p00nie looks

-Race map by p00nie referenced above is shown

-Traditional Chinese localization is shown, some more languages will be added

-Menus need a paintover

-Various options for the weapons list are shown in the hud editor

-Dodge ability has been added, can only use it on the ground, can't fire while using it to balance it, feedback from people that have used it has been good

-Need to do a shield ability which reduces a very small amount of damage (which would affect shaft but not pncr)

-2GD wanted to remove the timer but then people would cheat with an external clock

-New duel map is shown which has more curves using props

-Health pickups have bubbles/liquid inside of them now

-The game has ultra wide screen support

-Have to work on some LAN capabilities

-Have to work on the audio mix and gameplay feedback

-Netcode is not fully done

-It's difficult to predict a release date because sometimes it is complicated to predict how much time some programming tasks will take (sometimes quicker, sometimes longer than expected), the team is working 7 days a week and will release the game when it's ready

-2GD needs to work on HUD, he then explains some of the HUD elements on screen, like the rage meter, bolt/dodge cooldown indicator, power up countdown timer.

-Customization menu is shown which has tabs with decals, audio, announcers and weapons (will be for bobbleheads on top of weapons)

-Working on the trailer, making some assets for it

-There will be a basic tutorial

-New dodge mechanic gives you an instant boost in speed, sort of like an auto circle jump. 2GD thinks that the dodge mechanic might be good for new players who haven't learned how to strafejump yet

-There are more server locations in the custom game datacenter list now, 2GD thinks a couple more will be added

-Another map is shown

-Automated tournament system will be similar to Artifact's where a tournament can be linked outside of the game, might start of with a basic system and build on it later

-Will give an update next month

-There is no fall damage at the moment

-It will be possible to select multiple servers when queuing
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Diabotical Update - 03/25/2019 (47 comments)
Posted by Warden @ 18:11 CDT, 25 March 2019 - iMsg

-2GD was accompanied by noctis for moral support and who wrote down some questions from chat
-The map that promEUs started on the previous stream has been updated and is shown (note that collision on this map is not done, when you see 2GD jumping around and colliding with some things)
--The trim props used in this map can have a color setting
--Eggbots can swim but in this map they get killed
-Regarding maps, pretty much done on everything apart from the Wipeout mode maps
-2GD mentions the number of maps for each mode and shows the mode picking menus which have some animations
-Customization menu's audio tab where you can select the music for the Brawl pickup is shown
-2GD talks about some things that need to be done for each mode like:
--Need to add some HUD elements to wipeout and CTF
--Need to add confirmation frag for duel
--Need to make sure the CTF role selection works in Matchmaking
--Not sure if it will be possible to drop flags in CTF
-Release will not hit the end of March
-Custom games have some extra settings: Instagib option, Physics option (air control), Spawn logic ("always farthest", "always random" or "50% farthest, 50% random")-Not sure about the spawn logic for the main game modes yet, will need some testing
-Some menu settings for assisting with FOV, zoom sensitivity
-Will try to do some language localization through a management service
-Need to work on netcode
-Server locations signed: Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Dallas, Los Angeles, Washington DC, São Paulo, Johannesburg, Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Moscow (not using AWS but might use AWS as a backup if there are many players)
-Have to stress test which is complicated because people need to not leak the game
--Stress test might rely on Kickstarter backers
-There's an inverted mouse option
-You can hear other players' jump sounds
-Not possible to drop weapons in team modes, 2GD doesn't like the behavior it creates, wants players to play with the weapon when they get it
-Trailer has been written, people thought it was funny but haven't started working on it
-Tutorials: G-Meter is shown which is meant to be tied into the tutorials, however there is an issue with how it looks on 2GD's version, it is not representative of how it's meant to look
-Trying to ship in April
-Defrag (race/movement) map made by p00nie with multiple routes and art is shown
-Not sure about how to do the launch: 2GD is worried about upsetting the Kickstarter backers, the people who have supported the game monetarily and have been waiting for a long time, but it is possible it could be better for the game to allow everyone in at the same time to reach a critical mass of player numbers and interest from people
-Twitch chat message: gdfirefrog:plan is to include a dedicated server binary built for linux-64 with the game
-Eggbots have particles under their feet
-There are accuracy numbers for the weapons on the weapons list
-2GD shoots noctis with a rocket
-Hit and death sound confirmations can be changed in the combat settings
-Will come back to update the community next month with hopefully more certainty about what will be done on launch and to inform on what what is left to do
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promEUs Diabotical map editing stream (9 comments)
Posted by Warden @ 16:52 CDT, 16 March 2019 - iMsg
Twitch VOD part 1: (small intro)

Twitch VOD part 2:

promEUs, a map maker that has made many of the Diabotical maps, some of which have been shown previously on streams, will be showing off the process of creating a map from scratch in the Diabotical editor and answering questions from chat about the Diabotical editor and about map making.

This map that promEUs will be building on stream will go on to be in the game. Through this stream you will be able to witness a map being made that you will be able to play yourself in the future, when the game is available.

-CTF will be 5v5

-The map editor is not done, the team is focusing on gameplay to finish the game

-Recent CTF map with a Japanese theme is shown, designed by promEUs, arted by Scorch_ with some art retouches by promEUs

-Brawl map with a Japanese and industrial theme is shown

-promEUs will be making a dedicated Instagib brawl map during the stream because they are the quickest to make and Instagib maps are nice for new players to get a feel for the game

-promEUs shows his editing controls menu

-promEUs made a sketch beforehand to not get stuck thinking about what to build while inside the editor

-promEUs starts a map and shows the elements of the default map (you get a default starting map when you type /edit followed by a name that doesn't exist in your map folder)

-The terrain tool is shown

-The blocking out process is shown

-It's possible to copy and paste block textures

-The symmetry function is shown

-Making maps dedicated for certain game modes can allow for some freedom with the type of decisions that you make since you don't need to have certain concerns to make the map compatible with how different modes play

-Dynamic props are shown

-It's easy to add your own models to the game client side by adding them to your folders

Twitch chat: gdfirefrog: if you can 3d model it's relatively easy, you need to split everything in blocks and then there's a declarative language that specifies rules [regarding dynamic props]
--gdfirefrog: fbx 7.3, and models exported with blender works, which people usually ask about
---gdfirefrog: we have the ability to attach lights to assets though it's just we haven't done it for most props yet

-There is an undo function

-All of the maps in the game are original, made for Diabotical

-The map editor being in-game helps with testing and iterating the map while building it

-The map editor is multiplayer capable (multiple people can edit at the same time and test the map while doing so)

-Light properties are shown

-Most lights are updated automatically with the exception of ambient lights which can be forced to update by re-inputting its radius

Twitch chat: obs_: so there is no lightbaking at all?
---gdfirefrog: no @obs_ the engine was designed to make editing a perfect preview
---gdfirefrog: only things that are preprocessed are things that cal be precalculated in subframe times like for example an ambient light grid, so the user never notices that they are preprocessed

--obs_'s: wouldn't baked lighting be higher quality?
---gdfirefrog: ya @obs_ , baked lighting would be higher quality, it's a sacrifice for editing

-There's an editor lock list to make certain elements unselectable (can make selecting what you want to select easier)

-PnCR(rail gun) starts at 60 damage then 70 and 80 if you hit shots consecutively, you can then do a PnCR jump which doesn't do self damage but will reset you down to 60, however in Instagib it will always be charged up, maybe in the future abilities will come for Instagib like a hook

-There isn't a speed cap

-Adding a jumppad is shown

-Adding a weapon is shown

-Adding a spawn is shown

-Adding a mover is shown (a prop that moves) that is triggered by a player entering a volume or by a player shooting a trigger (which can be the same prop that moves or a button)

-There's tab completion in the console

-Fog lights are shown

-Skybox change is shown

-Decal is added to the wall of a map

-Weebles(hand grenades similar to Q2) are shown

-promEUs uses /pastefile to copy and paste a model that he added to his folder, it's not necessary to restart the game in order to import a model

Twitch chat: -zigg1zagg1: oh nice so u dont need to restart the game or anything to import models?
---gdfirefrog: @zigg1zagg1 you can reload anything dynamically except a few low level things that need to remain locked by the engine

-Items have weapon respawn times per game mode at the moment

-A finished version of this map will be shown in a future stream
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Diabotical Update - 02/28/2019 (24 comments)
Posted by Warden @ 22:42 CST, 28 February 2019 - iMsg

-Worked a lot on visual effects (vfx) last week

-Working on vfx and feedback this week

-Showed the game to some industry veterans who have been working for 20 years in the industry and who gave feedback on animation, vfx and sound for the weapons

-It's mentioned that eggbots have thrusters on their feet which weren't in the last update

-Might be launching with almost 30 maps

-3 "space" CTF maps are shown, one with mist, one that looks more like it's in space, one in the desert

-Duel map is shown  

-Twitch chat message: krampustf:Hey 2gd, is the Diabotical sens going to be an easy conversion from Source/Quake sensitivities? Also, how long do you expect the closed beta to last?

--Twitch Chat response: gdfirefrog:@krampustf we are working on something like that, yes

-/game_fov goes up to 140 at the moment (note that 140 in Diabotical looks higher than how 140 fov looks in some games, gdfirefrog:max is 140 vertical atm)

-Trying to improve weapons and combat 

-Have signed with an anti-cheat provider

-Need the server company to add more servers before launch

-Wants to talk to promEUs (who made a lot of Diabotical maps) to make a mapping stream as an update next month

-Twitch Chat message: Laventale_:Yo @2GD, are there servers for South America? This is a dealbreaker for me, sadly. 4rvo:@2GD is there a server in São Paulo? 

--Twitch Chat response:  gdfirefrog:@4rvo @Laventale_ we'll have a server on sao paulo yes

-James writes down different types of statistics while mentioning them, seeing chat suggestions and discussing them

-Stats based on averages seem more interesting

-Replay system was used to make the Kickstarter trailer, needs a revamp

-Some match information will be saved and can be used to create other types of statistics at a later point

-The spectating/watch tab will have a delay to prevent information feeding

-Skill rating, average queue time, maybe time played will be displayed in the mode picking menus

-James talks about a duel concept where someone getting a kill would reduce the time limit of the match, -45 seconds for example, then the other player could kill the one in the lead to regain time, with a kill confirmation requirement at the end of the match, meaning that you have to get the final frag to win, which could be a way to avoid long blowout matches if there's ever a matchmaking issue and could be interesting for a pro player to beat another pro player very quickly

-New CTF map with a medieval theme is shown

-People won't be able to license Diabotical's engine, don't have the team size to serve them

-Twitch chat message: Twitchytf2:@2GD how does the sensitivity metric scaling works? you can set sens by punching in cm/360?

--Twitch chat response: gdfirefrog:@Twitchytf2 you can set sens as cm or inches if you want yes

-Will come back in March with an update

-Want to release in March if not able to, then April
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Diabotical End of Year Q&A (96 comments)
Posted by Warden @ 16:46 CST, 30 December 2018 - iMsg

Notes if you don't wanna watch

-Some of the pros have been playing a little bit as people know
-Trying to get Kickstarter people in the beta in February might seep into March
-Done the website but need gameplay footage for the website, the website hasn't been put up yet
-Menu screens have been updated
-2GD worked on the UI
-There are new themes
--ca_prb_01 map is shown which has a Japanese style theme (theme by Omar), it's a clan arena map with 5 rooms, play a round in a room and when the round ends you go to another room
--Map is shown with more of dungeon-like theme (theme by Carl), brawl map
-Might make brawl into a mode where new maps keep loading after a match ends, stop and starting
-Knightbot model is shown
-How does movement speed compare to QL? There's a speed counter on the bottom left of 2GD's HUD, HUD can be changed with the HUD editor in the options
-Taking feedback from pros on what they want, cYpheR is interested in having the health color change depending on health amount
-Will have configs to be able to load different settings easily
-CTF is planned to be 5v5
-Hub map being worked on by promEUs is shown
--Thinks the hubs will end up having shopkeepers to access customization which can also be accessed through the menus
--Wants to have a train station in the hub to access other people's hubs
-Movement physics can be messed around with, maybe they will allow custom physics in custom games to start with
-Which Quake players are on board, do you expect many to join Diabotical? Hoping to make some esports events next year, will try to avoid Quake Champions events for Quake players to be able to play both and not lose potential prize money if tournaments happened at the same time. Hoping for new up and coming pros from Quake Champions and other games as well to play the game, depends on how well they can update the game and keep people's interest
-Can we buy into the beta? not right now
-When you load the game you get different menu screens
-When you create a group with friends they will show up in the menu map
-Who's doing the music for the game? Dennis has done the menu music, Anders (gaspachelor) has done most of the audio design, MarkieMusic will help out with some music tracks and help with announcer packs as well
-will try to ship with 3 or 4 maps for each game mode
-Battle Royale mode option is show in the list of modes of the custom game menu, they've done the tech for it but don't expect it to be there, it won't be released
-ca_gz_01 map is shown done by guazimodo and a bit by the studio
-Melee weapon is show but doesn't have the correct texture, animation and doesn't have visual effects at the moment
-ca_pr_01 map is shown
-Some improvements have been made to mini CA
-Mangley will be arting up some maps
-dt_pr_02 map is shown
-When can we buy it on Steam? hopefully February maybe March
-What about custom modes, instagib? Have done instagib, some things can be modded, will end up with modifiers most likely
-Weapon customization will not be ready for launch, needs work, thinks people will be happy enough with the eggbot customization to start with
-You will be able to put things on the Steam workshop if the studio goes with Steam
-Kind of wants to talk with Epic Games, thinks Steam take 30% but deliver a lot with data, workshop and might be a better fit, but Epic Games wants exclusives, 2GD doesn't know, would rather not change direction unless it makes a lot of sense, 2GD would rather be everywhere, 2GD is exploring the situation
-Have done pre-talks with an anti-cheat company
-Using AWS servers, still have to work on netcode
-Have been working on the replays with a different server solution to host replays
-Want to release with a tournament system for launch
-Gameplay will be shown with trailers
-Will do a test tournament series where some of the game modes will be rotated on a weekly basis, probably will use the in-game tournament system for them (which still needs a little bit of work)
--They have to care about the esports a lot but also make sure that other game modes that might not be as esport-y but are more fun, can keep people entertained and interested
-There are damage numbers which can be turned off, thinks they will add some more options
-No Linux compatibility
-There's a spectator mode, needs polish
-There's matchmaking, only getting people into the game at the moment
-Rage mechanic: if in FFA someone keeps getting killed their rage will increase and they will have a chance of getting something on their respawn like a rocket launcher or 25 armor, doesn't know yet (comeback mechanic), rage will go down if you kill a lot of people, in duel player icon on the top of the hud will indicate that the player got something on their respawn so the opponent knows
-Challenge mode: for example in an FFA game after 3 very good players join their Elo is checked against the rest of the players during warmup and they are asked if they want to play challenge mode which will make the game harder for them, if they accept to play (if 2 out of 3 accept then all 3 will play challenge mode) the opponents they kill will get bonus rage, and the challenge mode players can be affected by modifiers (for example: only 50% armor on pickup or no jumping), if challenge mode players win they will get a special reward
--Challenge mode players are in a separate scoreboard and in the normal scoreboard, and statistics while playing this mode will have their separate place
--Modifiers will be displayed on Twitch streams
--When good players accept to play in challenge mode this is another way to help players that aren't as good
-Implosion Weeble (weapon) is shown waving when it's selected, textures are messed, meant to look cooler, this weapon can be used to reverse rocket jump, 2GD thinks they will be more fun in team modes
-Thinks they will ship with 3 CTF maps, they will be shown at a later point
-Using their own engine, currently called glitch engine
-Hyped about some of the personality that can be injected with gameplay
-Will there be voice chat? tried to contact Discord but they say not to contact them at the moment in their website
-Progression systems? Battle pass that lasts a couple of months and is renewed, first will be given for free since people bought the game
-Not sure about steam market support from the get go
-One programmer made the engine, multithreaded the engine, made all the game modes
-You can force enemy team(s) and team mate colors
-Happy new year
-Menu music by Dennis is played
-Eggbots don't talk
-During a time when there was financial pressure, came up with the idea to create a game that would take 3 months to make, worked for 2, 3 days on a 2d jelly game with similarities to Super Meat Boy, but it's multiplayer and you fight other jellies, jellies can be lava or ice infused, game was called "Super Jelly"
-Super Jelly theme song by Dennis, which is similar to the menu song, is played
-Super Jelly concept art of the map is shown, scientists in the background put the jellies in the arena to test which one is the best
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Diabotical Update - 7/31/2018 (24 comments)
Posted by Warden @ 23:11 CDT, 31 July 2018 - iMsg
Notes from the stream if you don't have time to watch the one hour vod
-Recently they have been working on a CTF map
--They have a contract with a company that wants some game footage from the studio and the CTF map was influenced by that
--Theme of that CTF map needs to be simplified

-They have been working on the editor, game modes and game play which they will show when they want to hype up the game

-Demo/replay system question: There is a demo/replay system, which was used for the kickstarter trailer, hopefully a lot of it will be server side, there's the ability to script the timings to extract certain footage, the replay system will be worked on next month

-How does the movement compare to other Quake style games question: will feel very familiar to some of the old arena fps games, they tried to focus on getting a nice base for the movement and making sure that the engine was optimized, regarding air control they are considering splitting the game much later into launch with a screen before the main menu to give players the choice between Diabotical and air control, but at the same time we really don't want to split the game up.. James doesn't think air control fits well with standard movement

-Spectator question: Spectator mode will be as close to broadcast ready as possible, meaning small streamers can cover tournaments in the tournament system. We are planning on adding more stuff to the UI to show things like final, semifinal, round of 8 and etc so that even the lazy casters can just plug and play and don't need to setup trivial things like that.

-Statistics and ladder question: there will be stats and probably a ladder but to what degree is unknown, they want to have an api for 3rd party website to be able to pull out information, there will be official tournaments with prizes, people can also host their own tournaments

-Anti-cheat question: will try their best but can't promise there won't be cheating specially considering the size of the team

-Esports plans question: they will give some time for the game to breathe before announcing tournaments with money and then will reassess, they are open to work with anybody if they can work things out with them, they are also fine with hosting and covering their own tournaments, the hard part is their financial position, they hope to make it financial incentives for teams to pick up players

-Esports modes questions: duel, they think 12 minutes is good given 10 minutes is too short for players to make a comeback and 15 minutes being too long so 12 seems like a good sweet spot. they are interested in seeing if TDM could feature on the list, if they do have TDM as an esports mode it'll most likely be 3v3, they think the tournament system will tell them about what's popular.

-Game modes question: game modes are easy for them to create, they have put work into the engine to make it easy to iterate. They will most likely release with duel, 3 team modes along with probably brawl (FFA). They have race/defrag ready but won't have time for a lot of maps apart from maybe 1, they will probably test game modes with the player base
--(A duel map is shown)They made some game modes for fun like instagib with portal guns, freeze tag with jet packs
--They will work on the core game play loop in 2 months

-Modding tools question: -Not really sure how far to allow you to mod. You will be able to make gamemodes with different mutators though, not sure after that because of the release time frame that they have.., weapons can be scripted too

-Question about customization: Will enforce a minimum rule for the esport community, essentially "don't go crazy and break the game", but you'll be able to move the UI around, change/customize cross hair, change hitsound, crosshair customization for each individual weapon, sense, fov, weapon positioning/opacity and etc.. don't mind what you do with the interface of your eggbot, you can change how you feel in the eggbot, just not the map.
--Showed off the crosshair customization with the ability to have different layers for example having a + crosshair then being able to add a circle around it and then having a 3rd layer and being able to change the colors/thickness of each layer. so theres thousands of possibilities for whatever crosshair you want

-The weapons that are shown: weapon similar to plasma gun, a rocket launcher, weapon similar to lightning gun, weapon similar to railgun, the weapon 9 superweapon shoots a ball that detonates after 0.3 seconds if a player is within a certain radius of the ball and has alot of knock back more than a RLs knock back, weebles/weebombs which are handheld grenades which will have personalities based on their function, the 1 weeble/weebomb that was shown created an aoe which slowed players and projectiles inside of it (think of faceless voids ult from dota except slowing not freezing), grenade launcher, minigun
--Superweapons will probably be featured in game modes that are more about fragging and less about teamplay, rotating super weapon spawns can be added which can then be fought over in those modes

-Attack and defend map blockout shown including terrain as the floor

-Terrain editor is shown, terrain can be used for various things

-Different lighting and skybox such as day, night, and dawn layers which will be used as presets for editors

-They don't think they will add daytime and nightime cycle for maps

-Maskable models and textures can have their hex color code changed by the map maker

-Hoping to connect decals with account options, so you can go into maps with your own or your team's logos

-Co-op survival might not be out on release (bots exist and have path finding but need work)

-Servers question: currently use AWS in Australia, Frankfurt and America

-Music question but James would like to surprise people

-They have roughly the whole year financially covered, so they will try to push the game somewhere near the end of the year, worst case it could be February

-When they have the game play loop locked in they hope to get people in

-Next month they will work on replay system, a game mode, arts and stuff

-They are planning on a price of around 15 dollars, want the price to not be very high but want to discourage people cheating

-They are thinking of doing something similar to a battle pass to reward people who would like to support the game and get some items

-They think they are bad at some things that other game companies are good at, the studio takes some time to realize how something should look, sound and feel (also the engine is their own and they are a small team) they think they are good at figuring out what the customer wants, like how they want their customization, treatment, matchmaking and replays, which some companies might not focus as much on

-Another duel map is shown

-15 maps for release, 5 duel maps, 3 maps for each of the other game modes

-They have renamed free for all to brawl, difference being you can choose between 1v1v1v1v1..., 2v2v2v2v2, 3v3v3v3

-Game modes can be ticked so you can que for different game modes at the same time, there will be estimated queue times.

-They want you to be able to play a training mode, with targets, bots or other people while waiting for a queue

-They want the release to be as strong as it possible since you rarely get second chances with a game specially with a multiplayer game, and they want the beta to be as enjoyable and re playable as much as they need it to be in order to get feedback

-There's wall clipping, will also be vertical wall clipping.

-HUD customization question: It's coherent, which is basically HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.. It's all just about us to be able to push it for you guys, not a huge priority but you will be able to do stuff for sure..

-Next time he comes back for a update will most likely have game play footage and a release date

-A brawl map is shown

-There are spawn pads with no collision that can assist new players in knowing where spawns are. spawn system is still being worked on

-They really like the engine for many reasons and hope it will allow them to be very flexible in the future, support different game modes and give tools to support people's communities
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Diabotical Update - 2/25/2018 (30 comments)
Posted by Warden @ 07:33 CDT, 15 March 2018 - iMsg
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Duel mode primed for eSports (25 comments)
Posted by Warden @ 23:21 CDT, 12 March 2017 - iMsg
Pulled kicking and screaming into the modern world of heroes and champions as it may be, Quake is back. What that means is that Quake Champions will need Duel, the fast-paced, impossibly skill-testing one-on-one mode that is still almost unmatched in the world of eSports. It’s being worked on right now and Tim Willits, studio director over at the developer, has a few, tantalising hints to give on it.

“There is a hole with one-versus-one, it's missing from first-person eSports,” says Willits at PAX East, where the game is being demoed publically for the first time. “The title fights are great for Quake so our Duel mode is going to be uniquely Quake, but will still incorporate the champions.”

This may disappoint some who were hoping Quake Champions would remain true to the first half of its name for the most competitive mode. However, having now played it - for which we’ll bring you a proper preview soon - they are a significant modification to the formula, but not one that utterly changes it. Abilities or differences in move speed and air control are all simply another tool.

Plus, the pros are on board. “We have Duels [working in-game] but we need to get more pro players to play it, just to make sure they like it. We have some coming up to id next week,” explains Willits. He also mentions that id were at IEM Katowice, with a small room at the back of the business area not open to press or general public. This was similar to how the game was tested around QuakeCon.

“We've been listening to [the pros] too, at Quakecon last year the pro players came in, they played our team mode and they were like 'yeah you gotta change this', we said okay, we started changing it,” remembers Willits.

We’re taking bets as to how this new Duel will be built in the comments below. Perhaps a mirror system where characters are treated like maps, both players picking the same one to test their skill? Or some sort of pick/ban, where you have a range of champions to play, deciding depending on map? We’ll find out more soon.

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Quake Champions at PAX East 2017 (31 comments)
Posted by Warden @ 13:07 CST, 17 February 2017 - iMsg
"This wait is over. PAX East will be the first opportunity for fans to play Quake Champions, id Software’s latest entry in the Quake franchise, the granddaddy of all eSports shooters. Attendees will test their reflexes (and rocket jumping skills) in fast and frantic 5v5 Team Deathmatch battles. PAX-goers will also be able to sign-up for the game’s exclusive Closed Beta test, coming soon in 2017."
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Chris Vrenna writes OST for QC (33 comments)
Posted by Warden @ 12:10 CST, 25 January 2017 - iMsg

The American composer Chris Vrenna, who among id fans might be known for creating the OST to games like Quake 4 and Doom 3 has just announced on his Facebook page, that he is currently busy creating a score for Quake Champions.

Vrenna is probably best known for being the drummer for Nine Inch Nails from 1989 to 1997 with whom he also won a Grammy in 1995 for "Best Metal Performance". He has also been successful as producer, remixer, or engineer having worked with Marilyn Manson, David Bowie, Metallica, Green Day, Rob Zombie, U2, The Rasmus among others.

Source: Facebook
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Run The Jewels 3 Early Album Release (14 comments)
Posted by Warden @ 13:56 CST, 25 December 2016 - iMsg
RTJ3 was set to release january 13th but they decided to release it today.

For those of you who don't know run the jewels, i suggest you check em out if your into hiphop.

Official Youtube Playlist
Direct Download from their site

Merry Christmas
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QC: Armors on 30 second respawn (77 comments)
Posted by Warden @ 20:36 CST, 14 December 2016 - iMsg
probably not that big of a deal but just wanted to point it out
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QC:Theres still hope for a classic mode! (31 comments)
Posted by Warden @ 23:59 CDT, 10 August 2016 - iMsg
Theres still hope for classic mode

The response-at-large since Quake Champions' gameplay was revealed to the world has been positive as well, though some holdouts are hopeful for the option to play without the different champions — an experience that might actually resemble "Quake 3 with better graphics."

"We've discussed it," Willits said. "We just have to see how all the beta testing goes. If there's a huge demand for it, you know, we'll see — but we haven't made that decision yet."

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New info on Quake Champions (100 comments)
Posted by Warden @ 14:57 CDT, 27 June 2016 - iMsg

•2017 Release

• Quake Champions will have Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. They're are also working on a team based Mode for E-Sports

•id thinks that 5v5 is the optimal player number for a team based mode

•Every Champion will have a passive ability that affects its movement and every champion will have an active special ability. For example the hero Ranger from the teaser can throw a "Dire Orb" and can teleport to its location. So are Telefrags possible?

•The champions don't have a special weapons. Also there is no loadout like in Doom. Instead are all weapons and Items on the map as pickups

•Rocket Launcher, Railgun and Lighting Gun are in Quake Champions

•A "classic" mods without Champions is not planned. But it is possible

•In Quake Champions there will be Matchmaking, a Ranking System and Seasons.

•Quake Champions will focus on E-Sports. This include special game modes, a Spectator modes and Tournaments organized and sponsored by id and Bethesda

•Quake Champion could be Free2Play. But it isn't sure. They are testing a various of business models. The developer want the big as possible player base for the game
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DOOM Alpha Code Got Leaked. (28 comments)
Posted by Warden @ 20:27 CST, 14 February 2016 - iMsg

A lot of information about doom 4 got leaked from the code including new demons and bosses. MP map names and SP Mission names. ALSO SERVER CVAR FOR Q3 MOVEMENT AS SEEN IN THE FIRST PICTURE
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NA UT4 MLK DuelCup Today: Come sign up (1 comment)
Posted by Warden @ 15:22 CST, 18 January 2016 - iMsg
Put your name and say that you'll play in the post linked below:
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Quake 5 release theory (56 comments)
Posted by Warden @ 13:40 CST, 19 November 2015 - iMsg
OK, so first off Q5 wont be called Quake 5 just QUAKE like they did with doom. Q5 will be announced a month or 2 after doom 4 releases and they'll have a playable Q5 alpha/beta to play at QuakeCon to test and get feedback and QuakeCon 2016 will be the last time they use QL and they'll switch to Q5 for Qcon '17. Doom 4 will be their casual sp/mp game while Q5 will be only mp and a lot more serious and it'll have snapmaps. Q5 will be f2p but with buyable skins, player models, announcers etc. Q5 will get more viewership than cs lol and dota combined and Quake will become the king of esports.
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