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QL pro sub on QL 2.0`? (13 comments)
Posted by snezz @ 04:27 CST, 1 February 2015 - iMsg
Hey guys,

wanted to ask a QL pro sub would be also applied on a potential QL 2.0. I mean IF suddenly QL 2.0 would be released, whether one coulc switch his sub to 2.0 in order to play proper matches etc. If it was not the case the old QL subs would be kind of useless :D

I know this is very hypothetic but maybe someone has some approved info =)
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Ukranian players (18 comments)
Posted by snezz @ 04:02 CST, 19 December 2014 - iMsg
I'm wondering if you guys have some info, what happened to Ukranian ql players. I remember laskiy, bpatela and a couple of others performing quite well before the whole Ukraina - Russia conflict started.
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UT4 video update (44 comments)
Posted by snezz @ 08:28 CDT, 26 June 2014 - iMsg
new dev update of UT4:,9/unreal...75698.html

sounds pretty good =p
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beta? (34 comments)
Posted by snezz @ 10:26 CDT, 22 June 2014 - iMsg
is there any open / closed beta planned?
TBH the beta testing system of dirtybomb ist awesome and helped the devs a lot to improve and bugfix the gameplay.
Wish there would be also a beta for reflex :-)
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Dirty Bomb closed beta (55 comments)
Posted by snezz @ 01:13 CDT, 24 May 2014 - iMsg
hey guys,

anybody of you got invites for the closed beta?
first thoughts in case you have already palyed it?

I received my invite today im just about to install it =p

ps: I'll be back home with my "gaming computer" next weekend, send me your nexon launcher nicks to play with you guys
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AlexeyA interview (8 comments)
Posted by snezz @ 12:46 CDT, 11 April 2014 - iMsg
ok so seriously, this guy has done so many good things to quake and all we know is, that he is AlexeyA from the moscow region and he gives a lot of his money to quake.

Cant you guys out there (125 admins, roychez, ddk, zoot or just someone else) do a nice interview with him? Personally I would like to know how he looks like, what hes doing, where he has all the money from, how his usual day looks like etc.
Edited by snezz at 12:47 CDT, 11 April 2014 - 3261 Hits
QL / cpma / warsow / xxx? (31 comments)
Posted by snezz @ 02:25 CDT, 3 April 2014 - iMsg
hey guys,

in the next few months I will be having more time to play some games but just cant decide which duel fps I should start with :p
I used to play some QL last year but that was nothing serious.

Personally a shitload of competition *like QL* is not that important for me, I just want to join a serv and play some maps without hours of waiting. Is this possible in warsow and cpma or are these pretty much dead? Is there any ohter game out there?

Looking forward for your recommendations!
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125 fps league (8 comments)
Posted by snezz @ 12:17 CST, 16 January 2014 - iMsg
Did I miss anything? Anybody has an explenation why there is no January league?
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siberia v2 setup (15 comments)
Posted by snezz @ 15:20 CDT, 2 November 2013 - iMsg
Hi guys,

I got a steelseries sibera v2 and somehow the audio does not really work well - I cant locate the position of the sound source (a player jumping, shooting, grenades etc.) as it all sounds the same.
It's plugged into the audio ports, not USB.

Anybody got an idea?
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"reborn" kickstarter (27 comments)
Posted by snezz @ 10:31 CDT, 20 September 2013 - iMsg
So as I'm striving news concerning games I see this and I'm lolwtf. Translated version: there already is a game called reborn being made and financed by a kickstarter campaign !!1

Would like to see 2GD's reaction
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Mouse delay (13 comments)
Posted by snezz @ 01:59 CDT, 2 August 2013 - iMsg
Hey guys,

I got a question related to hardware and mouse stuff:
When playing cpma and ql I noticed that my mouse reacts much more "direct" in cpma than in ql (so in ql I can only use spot aiming while in cpma flickshots are easier).
I know the cmd m_filter which delays mouse response but its deactivated in ql.

Any ideas to fix this?
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Oldschool map redesign (15 comments)
Posted by snezz @ 07:00 CDT, 27 July 2013 - iMsg
Hey guys,

lately lots of great new maps have been released in order to refresh the mappool as the oldschool maps (ztn, dm6 etc.) got boring (?).
However I've been questionining how a simple switch of particular spawns (items , guns) might influence the dynamics. I mean the oldschool maps have been played for so long because of their great archtitecture - which wont be changed.

Lets say you switch YA with RA spawn and LG with rocket spawn - I think you got the point.

** in case there already exists such a thread feel free to flame me and blame the lack of a forum search feature :D**
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reaching the "next level" (188 comments)
Posted by snezz @ 16:02 CDT, 22 March 2013 - iMsg
Hey guys,
I've been questioning myself why some good players (lets say about 2k elo) are able to break through and get really good ( baksteen, twister?) while others seem to kind of stagnate at their level for almost ages (no offense or anything but I would name T1E, brody?).

Is it the amount of time/practice put into ql? Or maybe the willpower/motivation?

Maybe some players that were already able to "break through" could share their opinion.

*and ye, I've been searching for a similar thread, but I could not find it - admin feel free to link me or something*
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QL prac (41 comments)
Posted by snezz @ 13:59 CDT, 2 November 2012 - iMsg
Hey guys,
I'm pretty new to QL (got premium acc like 4 days ago :D) and so I'm trying to get into. However I dont really know, where to get "good" partners for praccing. Thought there might be an IRC chan or something (keep in mind, that I'm on an elo 1200 level).

Feel free to delete my thread and send me a link in case there already is a similar topic.
Edited by twister_ at 15:03 CDT, 2 November 2012 - 4870 Hits
ql premium content (5 comments)
Posted by snezz @ 01:01 CDT, 26 October 2012 - iMsg
Hey guys,

I got just a short question (im sorry if there already is such a thread :D):
Can I also for official mappool maps on public duel servers? Meaning if I want to get some proper practice is premium enough or do I specifically have to get a pro account as I can create an own server?
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