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Need to build a new PC - advice needed (11 comments)
Posted by ger1e @ 17:44 CDT, 21 September 2019 - iMsg
My Fellow Quakers,

My six years old config is starting to give up on me and soon I might be in a fortunate position to upgrade, so I am making some plans. At first I wanted to upgrade my old PC - LGA 1150 - i3-4330 3,6 Ghz - 2 x 4GB DDR3 @ 1800 Mhz - GTX 750 Ti 2 GB. However, since LGA 1150 is no longer an option, unfortunately I have to build a whole new machine.
I am on a budget so I would try to keep it as low as possible, however the main goal would be to run the game in 120 fps constant on ultra. (I have a 60 hz IPS monitor for working purposes.)
So I hereby request your help on what exactly should I compromise on to get this working.
I have already decided on including a Crucial 480 GB SSD, a Corsair Gold Modular PSU and bombass c case that I can barely remember but it should do fine.
As far as the new cards and processors go, I have no fukken idea. I heard talks about AMD making a comeback and Ryzen gaining 15% performance gain when paired with a CL14 kit RAM, but those kits are insanely expensive so I am looking towards Intel at the moment. I am opting for 2x8 GB DDR4 ram. As for a GPU, I am not quite sure I need the top most shit, wondering about your experiences but so far an nVidia 1660 Ti seems to be the best bet, now I only need a processor that won't bottleneck it and is cheap. As for the motherboard, I have no freaking idea, bear with me. Obviously I would need something that can use the sticks to their full potential, but I am no expert by any means so you tell me. Should I go with Intel, or AMD? Which is the most cost efficient? I also might add that under no circumstances do I wanna fuck around with RGB strobe lights and overclocking bullshit, I ain't got time for that. Anything out of the box that does the constant 120 fps is fine with me, since this pretty much guarantees I should be able to render videos at a decent speed and work with Bleneder without any sort of issues as well as my music projects.
Any recommendations are welcome, and since I am kind of on a budget, any tricks up your sleeve where I can spare some money would be most welcome.

I intentionally did not say an exact cash limit because I am pretty interested what you guys can come up with.

Thanks in advance! :)

Your G, ger1e
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CPMA 1.49b? (29 comments)
Posted by ger1e @ 09:10 CDT, 29 August 2014 - iMsg
So now with QL going down the shitter, may I ask if any of you know any future plan for CPM?

This beta version already has ch_crosshairhitcolor and what not. Pretty old as it is, but people still use 1.48
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Rail settings (9 comments)
Posted by ger1e @ 23:39 CDT, 12 August 2014 - iMsg
Care to share? Mine is too thick, I'm looking for something thinner. Thanks in advance!
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Looking for a cheap ass but rad keyboard (42 comments)
Posted by ger1e @ 10:24 CDT, 28 July 2014 - iMsg
Hello dear chaps,

Like the title says, I need a new keyboard. Doesn't need to be mechanical.

I was looking at the ARCTIC COOLING K381

Something along these lines, if you know of!
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New rig (need some tips and advice) (28 comments)
Posted by ger1e @ 08:14 CST, 31 January 2014 - iMsg
Dear fellow ESR members,

I'm at the point where I can't really ignore the need for a desktop computer, so I was like: maybe it's time I built myself a kick-ass computer.

Kick-ass is of course subjective, since I can spare around 1100 $.
So these are the specs I came up with, I wonder what do you think. I decided to go with AMD instead of Intel for one simple reason - teh money.

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3
Processor: AMD FX-6300 3.50GHz BOX Black Edition (6 cores)
SSD: KINGSTON 240GB SATA3 2,5" HyperX 3K SH103S3/240G
Chassis: GIGABYTE Poseidon 310 Black
PSU: FSP Hexa 500W

As for a mouse, I would most likely go with a Steelseries Kana v2, with a new QcK, since my WMO is almost dead and I don't want to ebay all the shit together. Maybe an APEX Raw keyboard to match with it, or not, depends.

Is this alright? Would this work fine? Any tweaks you would recommend? I would like to hear your opinions.

Thanks in advance,


Edit: Free potat for contributors.
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POTAT))) (22 comments)
Posted by ger1e @ 14:00 CST, 16 December 2012 - iMsg
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Cheap ass fair keyboard? (49 comments)
Posted by ger1e @ 14:43 CDT, 4 June 2012 - iMsg

I'm looking for a fairly cheap and good keyboard.

So far I'm eye balling the Logitech G105, Razer Arctosa, ThermalTake CHP001 eSports Challanger, Microsoft X4 SideWinder, also some Revoltec products... Any help is appreciated
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Laptop keys (12 comments)
Posted by ger1e @ 07:47 CDT, 27 May 2012 - iMsg

I have my laptop's (Acer Aspire 5740G) keyboard falling apart. (Too much quake) It's a piece of shit, (the keyboard - look at that: so I was wondering if it's possible to change it to something better, or should I just get it fix'd and that's it. (factory keyboard purchase, expensive as fuck but meh) I know it's possible to connect an USB keyboard, but since I'm on the road a lot, I'd like to have it fixed and it to be better if it's possible. Any advice is welcome.

Thanks in advance dear chaps
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I need some demos (CPMA) (1 comment)
Posted by ger1e @ 17:18 CDT, 25 May 2012 - iMsg

I decided I'd make a movie, (testing out Vegas 11) and for that task to accomplish I need some good footage, so if anyone feels like sending me a demo(s) I'd really appreciate it. I'm looking for CPMA players' demos. Please timestamp 'em. Thank you dear chaps. :)
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CPMA huds (8 comments)
Posted by ger1e @ 09:44 CDT, 20 May 2012 - iMsg
Hey there,

I took the time and collected a few CPMA hudfiles, and I also put them in a pack. There are 167 different huds in the pack (+ screenshots). (default cpma huds are not included) You can download the pack here:
> > >click!< < < (~44 MB)

United States of AmericanineX_ also put it up on! (thanks!)

Edit: I'd like to thank Lithuaniaesc|eThaD for providing me a quick way to have screenshots of all these huds. Thanks man! And I stopped updating for now. Join us on #cpmpickup!
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Force AA - ATI drivers (7 comments)
Posted by ger1e @ 14:35 CDT, 6 May 2012 - iMsg
I couldn't figure out how to do it, but I updated my Catalyst and now I could easily configure it for different .exe files, works really good, I'm pleased.

I'm uploading this screenshot so others who are dumbasses like me can figure it out too!


1., Update your CATALYST - visit and dowload the latest version for your ATI card
2., Install
3., Right click on desktop, go into Catalyst, search for GAMING options and PROFILES
4., Fuck with the settings until you get them right
5., ???
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CPMA config (14 comments)
Posted by ger1e @ 12:07 CDT, 5 April 2012 - iMsg
The latest cfg of mine. (+hud included) I'm finally satisfied with the look. Shit looks baws with the Q4 style hud (thanks to Russiakrizz for the original one) and stuff. You can download it from my profile.

Edit: I also uploaded a HQ version of this config which I'm using for different purposes. It has a different hud. (thanks to Finlandgaiia)

Edit: I'm using a different client executable now, (with bloom and stuff) quake3e.exe (by UkraineCyrax) so I modified the config(s) accordingly. It still works fine with cnq3.exe too though.
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Posted by ger1e @ 07:21 CDT, 19 April 2011 - iMsg
So I was wandering through old cfgs, after I saw ischju's thread about his shaft cross, and found a thin shaft script for OSP, configured it for my needs.... but I've also read that due to teh broken +zoom Quake 3 has, it fucks up sens having zoom all the time, but also I've read that there was a way to calculate the proper sens for thin shaft zoom using some kind of program called thinsens, but it's nowhere to be found, at least google doesn't help me much. I've found this, maybe that's it:
But this only counts to cg_fov 140 (my thinshaft fov is cg_fov 300) and there is no accel involved in the maths.

I use sens 5 with 0.5 accel normally, (WMO 1.1a @ 500 hz + QcK) res 1366x768, two different fovs for diff weapons cg_fov 130 cg_fov 120. Thinshaft zoomfov is 200. Any idea what would my sens and accel would look like with these values?

( Edit: I found some math stuff by czm but I'm retarded in maths :(

"czm: arctan( tan(zoomfov * PI/360) * height/width ) * (360/PI) / 75

...where height/width is 3/4 if you use a normal resolution.
So, for instance, if you use sensitivty 10 and cl_mouseaccel 1 at cg_zoomfov 110 with +zoom on and want the same feel without +zoom, you'd use sensitivity 12.5244 and cl_mouseaccel 1.25244. You can use quake to do the above calculation for you - just type sensitivity 1, cl_mouseaccel 0, cl_showmouserate 1, cg_zoomfov whatever, and +zoom, then move your mouse around...the second number is coefficient you're after.

1.52789&*@(_3&o.@(0.75&*@(3:o.]*0.00872665"_)))" )

For those wondering, me and my homies play on LAN with OSP, my cg_fov is 130 (some weapons 120) because of my res, my res is high because I'm using a 16:9 laptop.

Edit: Solved
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Q3 SCRIPTS - WHAT DID/DO YOU USE? (61 comments)
Posted by ger1e @ 16:02 CDT, 20 March 2011 - iMsg
So after all these years, I'm still pretty amazed by the creativity of players who use the vstr command and create awesome scripts.

Some days ago I found a random rail colour changing script, (which has been around for like forever - it was new to me tho) pretty useless, but it's really fun. I'd like your opinion on the scripting subject thus ask what stuff did/do you use in your old Q3 cfg.

Edit: Keep 'em coming! Thanks :)
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Posted by ger1e @ 06:27 CST, 23 February 2011 - iMsg

I decided to occasionally host a dedicated Q3A server from my home computer (OSP 1.03 - Patch 1.32c) for me and my friends to practice for our upcoming LAN party. The problem is, they can not connect when they type /connect my IP address.

I created a shortcut with the parameters "C:\Quake III Arena\Quake3\quake3.exe" +set dedicated 1 +set com_hunkmegs 1024 +set fs_game osp +exec server

I start it, console comes up, I see it in local, they don't see it on the net. (Tried it with +set dedicated 2, same)

What am I doing wrong? Port forwarding maybe?


// LAN server.cfg


set osp_gamename "1"
seta sv_hostname "NyesTe's LAN@Udvari"
seta sv_fps "30"
seta sv_allowdownload "1"
seta sv_floodprotect "0"
seta sv_maxclients "8"
seta sv_maxrate "25000"
seta sv_pure "0"
seta sv_strictauth "0"
seta g_log ""
seta g_dowarmup "0"
seta g_allowvote "1"
seta g_friendlyfire "0"
seta g_gametype "1" // 0 - FFA, 1 - 1on1, 3 - TDM, 4 - CTF
seta g_motd "GL & HF"
seta g_teamForceBalance "0"
seta g_smoothclients "1"
set fraglimit "0"
set timelimit "10"
set team_noteamready "0"
set team_allcaptain "1"
set match_overtime "0"
set server_motd1 "^0Ny^7es^0T^7e^0'^7s ^0L^7AN ^1@ ^0U^7dvari ^0s^7ince ^02^7008"
set server_motd2 "^02^7011 ^0S^7eason ^0O^7pening ^1- ^0O^7SP ^01^1.^00^73"
set server_motd3 ""
set server_motd4 ""
set server_motd5 ""
set server_motd6 ""
set server_motd7 ""
set server_motd8 ""
set server_realping "1"
set server_promode "1"
set server_fastrail "1"
set server_customclient "15"
set match_hurtself "0"
set rconPassword ""
set dmflags "8"
set bot_enable "1"

map pro-q3dm6

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Everything works. Thank you!
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MS IME 4.0? (12 comments)
Posted by ger1e @ 16:53 CST, 12 February 2011 - iMsg
So I've decided it was time for a new mouse. Any opinions on this one? I've just noticed it in some shop nearby, wondering if it's any nice, it's an upgraded 3.0 I guess? It's pretty cheap, and I'm myself on a budget, lol. I'd use it with a Steelpad QcK+. Thanks
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Q3 CHAT SPRITES (13 comments)
Posted by ger1e @ 16:06 CST, 12 February 2011 - iMsg
I've been looking everywhere trying to figure out how to modify the default Quake 3 chat sprite. I remember seeing it modified in the movie AnnihilatioN (it said FUUU lol) and Get Quaked 3, but I just can't figure out how to modify it.

I've tried it this way: copied the .tga file from pak0, edited it, created a sprites folder, put the .tga in it, and zipped it as a .pk3. Didn't work.

Any ideas, suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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OSP CVAR PROBS (48 comments)
Posted by ger1e @ 07:01 CST, 4 February 2011 - iMsg

Me and my homies are planning to have a LAN in March and the guys I play with voted for OSP as a mod.

No problem for me, I really love OSP, except there is no cg_gunoffset and cg_gunx y z is cheat protected. We tried to add sv_cheats 1 to the server cfg (dedicated) but it didn't seem to work, thus it would cause some problems because the guys I play with are not clueless about cmds, and they'd fo sho bind something like toggle god, some of them can be real assholes sometimes. :D

Do you happen to know any way we can move the weapons to the centre? Some cvar unlocker or something? sv_pure 0 is no issue. I'm so in love with the RL like this, (QL) looks awesome.
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Q3 ON A S#%~T LAPTOP (33 comments)
Posted by ger1e @ 05:33 CST, 2 February 2011 - iMsg

I'm having a serious problem running Q3A on an old laptop. It's a Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook C Series, has 700ish mb ram, and a shitty 32 MB S3 SavageProDDR Integrated video card.
As we all know, with the right settings, Q3A can still be playable. The laptop is my friends', he came to me yesterday asking for a fresh windows reinstall.

We did reinstall Windows XP + all the drivers, and Quake 3 Arena.

This was the first time Quake running on the machine. I've written a new cfg for it, (picmip 16, subdiv 80, gl_nearest, etc.) and it boosted up to 80 fps. All was nice, we cheered, but then, after a while (a minute or so) the fps started dropping from 80 to 60, 60 to 40, and there were times when it was around 9-10.

I don't know what the problem is, I only have guesses. It's not XP's automatic update, no programs running in the background. I guess it has something to do with the laptop's battery maybe? It's an old piece of shit, and heats like hell. You can't even turn on the laptop without plugging the charger in, because the battery is so bad. I really don't know. Maybe the heat causes the fps to drop?

Please help me if you can :)

Edit: We've done what we could.

We threw the battery away. We tweaked the cfg. We used speed dll-s. We uninstalled the antivirus. On pro-q3dm6, now he has from 50-to 110 fps. Thank you all! If you happen to know any other fps raising techniques, feel free to post it.
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