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ZDaemon Duel League - Season 4 is Here! (35 comments)
Posted by DevastatioN @ 19:23 CST, 9 March 2011 - iMsg
The ZDaemon Duel League is the most competitive North American DooM 2 duel tournament utilizing the online doom port ZDaemon. The league consists of prizes, online coverage, and participants ranging from new players to some of the best DooM II talent in the world. And the season 4 sign-ups have just begun and are open to aynone!

To spice things up this year the map pool has been increased to 7 maps. The four usual competitive maps (Map1, Dwango5 Map1, Judas23_, Dwango5 Map7) will be combined with three maps voted on by the community.

Also each skill division will be broken up into groups based on the number of entrants for group stage season playing, and the top players from each group meeting in the playoff brackets.

Be sure to watch all of the action through live streams hosted by Jehar and!

Link: Announcement
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ZDaemon Duel League Finals (DooM 2) (14 comments)
Posted by DevastatioN @ 17:53 CST, 12 January 2010 - iMsg
The ZDaemon Duel League is a competitive doom 2 league using the port ZDaemon. After a long fall/winter season, the top division has only one game left, the match between Canada DevastatioN and United States of America JKist3.

The finals will be the best of 5, consisting of the maps DooM2 Map1, Dwango5 Map1, Judas23, Dwango5 Map7, and King1.

Broadcasted by United States of America Jehar and United States of America Hatred on, the show will begin at 12:15 CST on Saturday January 16th.
Winner will take home $250 US, and the loser will end up in 2nd place for $100 US.

Sources: ZDDL Website
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ZDaemon Duel League Heads into Playoffs (8 comments)
Posted by DevastatioN @ 20:59 CST, 3 December 2009 - iMsg
The ZDaemon Duel League regular season has now finished! And the playoffs are just beginning. After many upsets in the regular season, the top8 from each division has made it to their respective playoffs. Who will come out on top?

Division 1 is playing for a total prize pool of $400 US, ($250, $100, $50 for 1st, 2nd, 3rd).

Who will come out on top in their single elimination brackets? Follow the action on the official website or tune into the games which will be broadcasted live by, and United States of America Jehar!

ZDaemon is a competitive DooM 2 port that has been used for many tournaments in the past.

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ZDaemon Duel League Takes Off! (55 comments)
Posted by DevastatioN @ 19:44 CDT, 5 October 2009 - iMsg
Remember DooM 2? Wish it was still played? Well, it is! And as competitively as it always has been, the ZDaemon Duel League starts off this week pitting rivals against each on various classical maps.

ZDaemon is a competitive DooM 2 port that has been used for many tournaments in the past. The ZDDL has four different divisions, each with varying level of skills from new players to experts. Division 1 will be exciting for anyone who follows the game, with most of the top players in North America competing for a $400 prize pool!

Other divisions have some well known names across the community and also will yield some exciting matches. Many of the matches will be broadcasted live by with United States of America jehar and another representative from the ZDaemon community.

So for those of you who miss that tense Super Shotgun action, be sure to follow this league for some good memories of a game everyone has heard of at one point in their life, and come join us in some fragging action and get involved in the community yourself.

Links: ZDDL - ZDaemon
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