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GameType Revolution is coming back! (133 comments)
Posted by TTK-Bandit @ 11:17 CST, 12 November 2007 - iMsg
The time has come to calm all the whiners, Resurrection of GTR has begun.
You can find a Teaser video made by Suffer1ng here:
Download & Stream @ FileFront ( we recommend downloading it for better quality )
Download & Stream @ Quakeunity
stream @ stage6

If you don't know GTR yet, check out our wiki!
(Our homepage and wiki are currently out of date, but we've already started updating them.)

GTR will come with so many new features and changes, I can't count them all here..
Just to name a few:

And we are very proud to announce, that we now have an excessive gamemode included, which has been written by the authors of the original quake 3 excessive plus.cfg ( flex1'ko, hq'ko and mow.Q! )

And the famous k[] clan (killing obsession) is going to create a Q4 excessive plus community based on GTR. Soon there is going to be more information on this topic.

We are currently looking for help on both GTR and the Q4 excessive community:

Stay tuned for some action!

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Forget CS, UT and BaseQ4 - GTR is here! (103 comments)
Posted by TTK-Bandit @ 22:02 CDT, 6 May 2006 - iMsg

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We're going to release GameType Revolution 0.15 in a few hours. Additionally, Veritas was able to create a video for all the non-believers, all those who never tried Q4 and GTR and don't believe that you can have fun with it. The potential of GTR is shown in this movie, but even more is possible. Just try it online, remember: It's free!

* Improved Gameplay
* Midair
* FreeStyle (defrag like)
* Quake4World
* BaseQ4 gameplay support readded
* Midair Mappack

Update: GTR 0.15 is out now, get it at
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