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The Hackening Quake Live Xmas Edition (538 comments)
Posted by kevz @ 00:10 CST, 25 December 2014 - iMsg
I'll just get straight to the point. This is a post about the current state QL is in. Lately there has been an explosion in cheaters in the game, and I took notice. I recorded demo's, went analyzing, and came to an unsettling conclusion...
Below is a copy paste of what I already had written in a 'CHEATER LIST.txt' (Included in the links below that contain alot of demo's)

This cheat has wallhack, can snap on to people, but also has this
method of emulating a flick thats just too fast to notice on
timescale 1, either that or people flick themselves after releasing
the lock right after firing. so it can make players appear as if they
aim themselves but this way they rarely miss.

It appears it has a 'horizontal' lock mode, where you still have
to aim up and down yourself, this behavior has been common amongst
many if not all suspect players.

Also noticed these players very frequently look at teammates as well.
Basicly, they try to lock on enemies and can get teammates/corpses instead.
I guess leaving corpses enabled has another purpose now.

Keep in mind when they have RL out, and toggle, they dont snap directly
on target, but are predicting where enemies will go.

The cheat is really quite obvious once time has been put in watching these
players, even more so if someone with a brain the size of a walnut uses it
and exposes the rest of his friends.

Now the problem here is, a bunch of situations these players are in
which look suspicious, can actually be legit as a 'stand alone case' so
to speak. Its when I started adding it all up, I noticed a disturbing
amount of crazy 100% hack situations they continue to get themselves in.
Also the high amount of evasive manouvres -especially on the more seasoned
players- because many of them can obviously see more than they are supposed to.

When i spectate my own demo's I sometimes have moments where
i'm like, well if someone showed me a demo of this guy with the name
blanked out, I could put him on the suspicious list.
BUT, one BIG BUT, the demo's supplied and the people i am accusing, all
have that similar style i described above; snap on to enemies/corpses/teamm8s
through walls, generally looking at walls instead of where they should, have
out of the blue doubled their skill somewhere this last year, and have
mediocre 'game sense' at best. If these people do cheat, then their
game awareness and aim would eventually turn to shit since it does not
get much or any actual practice. Maybe thats why they started using it,
the inability to improve combined with jealousy of those who can.

Either im right with the vast majority of my haccusations, or you can send
me to a mental institution. Regardless of the outcome, my desire to play
my all time favourite shooter has slimmed down considerably. Right after
I finally bought a year of Pro token on steam =/

I dont know how this cheating epidemic started and how its spreading so damn
fast, but QuakeLive is rapidly heading towards the grave.

Ive sent a few demo's in before, and none of the players got banned.
It probably doesnt help if the entire Quake Live support team consists of
a single casual player (Hi Sasparillo)
Who knows, maybe idsoftware got tired of it costing money, and this is
an easy way to kill it off without looking like douchebags... uhum.

***100% sure***
wza - aimbot wallhack etc
2ndT - aimbot wallhack etc
taymax - autoshoot/aim/wallhack etc
rottec - 300% hacks
mtick_ - wallhack aimbot
tchami - aimbot toggle, wallhack toggle
MELTED - wallhack and aimlocking
ox1gen - aimbot and wallhack
beuns - wallhack/aim toggle
marcus_ - wtfdodgyaim, autofire+bot+wh?
mjuzikk - aim toggle, probably wallhack too.
q4ua - wallhack, aim toggle
zohol - the whole shabang
lolmileycyrus (xeno^ hysobe) - everything
leaf_ - everything...
zef - honestly, every name here probably uses the same hacks.
slacky - so ill stop trying to describe what they use now.
Di3_ (m4rtel ?)
hiilll (and who knows more from [PT*] clan)
qwih (was reporting some people above for ages, idsoft does nothing,
now hes cheating himself)

The 'N0V4 SQU4D' clan has many cheaters.
Are they behind the spreading of cheating tools? Who knows.
And who is this 'main german man' (speculation) pornstar was
chatting about? Could obviously be some random guy.

Taymax's friends? same ping+dodgy behavior...
UHANGEL (new acc, brit with chinese flag?)
Taengooo (new acc, brit with korean flag?)
SORLAGDD (new acc, brit with swe flag?)

It wouldnt even surprise me if this was only the tip of the iceberg.
This is some of the most if not THE most bizarre shit im witnessing...

I might be wrong on one or two players, but in the grand scheme of things,
does it really matter? Whats worse is, I probably missed alot of cheaters.
Not to mention the people on the friends list of the accused who frequently
play with said cheaters, may not be legit either.

I was originally gonna send this to idsoftware first, but when I planned
that today, I read the topic on quakenets #quakelive ...

* Topic is 'Support on break for holidays until Jan 5, 2015: | Holiday content online:

Combined with the fact that, well, Sasparillo doesnt know what hes doing...

I expect people to show up and prove me wrong, or try to prove that I cheat,
and im fine with it. I play CA only, purely for the rush, to fuel my addiction
for arenaline. I dont care about winning or losing, but merely the thrill of
a close action packed quake match. Q3/QL CA has been something I was drawn to
for the last 15+ years, and its just sad to see what has become of idsoftware
and the Quake franchise. RIP Quake.

Mirror 1:
Mirror 2:!Es5lTAAS!6oWMjoJmiqj5Ro3...UHqlivEW1o

Merry Christmas ESR,

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Re: 360 or PS3? (No comments)
Posted by kevz @ 18:11 CDT, 23 June 2010 - iMsg
my pc is 100 feet away.
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