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Logitech Pro or G203 or ??? (34 comments)
Posted by spinmove_ @ 12:01 CST, 13 February 2017 - iMsg
It's been a while since I've been around, but I still game from time to time when work/life allows me to do so. I'm currently running a Logitech G400 (might be a rev.2, but don't rightly recall at the moment) and while I do really like the mouse in general, I kinda want to move back to that MX300 type of shape. I do have a G100s, but I need a thumb button or two that I've gotten used to using in games.

I hear a lot of people raving about the Pro and the 3366 sensor. Sounds like a good mouse to go to, but that $70 price tag though. I see the G203 of very close to the same dimensions, but it seems like its using a different sensor. Not sure which one or how good it is, but $40 is a much easier pill to swallow. I'd like to stick with a Logitech, but if there's something else out there that might fit the bill for less, then I'm interested in hearing about it.

Looking forward to the suggestions. Thanks in advance, guys.
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Dumb American or misleading specs? (20 comments)
Posted by spinmove_ @ 09:05 CDT, 5 October 2011 - iMsg
Ok, so I've never really been all that good at math, so perhaps the issue that I'm running into is the fact that I'm just a dumb and fat American. Now that we've got that out of the way, to the issue at hand.

I've been hearing random reports about how the WMO's dpi is actually something other than 400dpi. I've been hearing anything from 420 to 450ish. This got me thinking and somewhat reminded me that doing dpi conversions from my WMO to my Salmosa never really seemed to make any sense and pan out like it was supposed to. Deciding to do a little investigating on my own, I brought up MS Paint and set the properties of the canvas to 400x400dpi. I then measured (as accurately as one can with fingernails, a ruler and a steady hand) and came to an average dpi for my WMO on my QcK heavy to be around 350dpi. That's a whole 50 dpi LESS than than what I've been hearing. My math: 400dpi / 1.125 inches = 355.56 dpi. this right? Am I doing something wrong? Sparking my curiosity even further I decided to go ahead and test my Salmosa on the same pad. I changed the Paint canvas to 800x800 (for simplicity's sake) and measured the exact same way. Lo and behold I came up with 1.063 inches for covering 800dpi worth of ground. Work the math, I come up with 752.59 dpi. So at least in this regard I seem to be consistent, but a whole 50 dpi less than what the mouse is actually supposed to be?

tl;dr: WMO = 356 dpi? Salmosa @ 800dpi = 753 dpi? Iz I dum?
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Cheaters and Assholes (119 comments)
Posted by spinmove_ @ 11:37 CDT, 2 October 2011 - iMsg
I've been playing quake 3 and now quake live for some time and honestly I don't really want to stop playing. However the amount of cheaters and assholes that I've been encountering lately in QL over here in NA (see the state of QL in NA thread) has just been getting to me lately. I need to take a bit of a break from it anyway and there are some casual games that I've been wanting to play in the meantime, but do I really want to come back to QL when I'm ready to get back in to quake again?

I'm thinking about jumping ship to a different flavor of quake to see if maybe I can get the competitive play I crave while not running into the debacle QL has become. However I have no clue as to the state of any of the other flavors out there right now. I wouldn't mind jumping into Q2, QW or even CPM. I'm pretty sure there's nothing going on in Q4, but whatever. So my question is, what quake alternatives in NA are there and where is a good starting point into getting in to those?

tl;dr: QL pissing me off, looking for new quake, wat do?
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Need a new mousepad, need suggestions (91 comments)
Posted by spinmove_ @ 19:35 CST, 7 March 2011 - iMsg
I went to go buy a new mousepad today and apparently Office Depot no longer carries my trusty old Allsop Raindrop XL. Sure I could go buy one online, but at that price I might as well look around to other options as well and see what's out there. I've had a couple suggestions towards Razer's Goliathus Speed pad and I'm kind of a fan of Razer's Kabuto, but it's too small. What other good medium to large sized cloth pads are out there?

tl;dr: Need new pad, not too small, gotta be cloth, wat buy?
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Razer Mousepads (3 comments)
Posted by spinmove_ @ 20:51 CST, 4 March 2011 - iMsg
I just recently bought a Razer Kabuto for my laptop and decided to try it on my home setup to see how I liked the surface. Turns out I'm a big fan. The problem is I have no idea which cloth pads of theirs is similar to this mousepad that's bigger. Does anyone have any idea?
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Sidewinder X3 (8 comments)
Posted by spinmove_ @ 12:02 CDT, 27 May 2009 - iMsg
I'm pretty sure that no one has had any experience with this one yet, but has anyone had any experience with MS laser mice? And yes, I know, before you start in on me, laser is shit blah blah blah. If you don't hate laser and can comment on MS laser mice, awesome, I look forward to hearing from you.

By the way here's that mouse. As long as it doesn't perform too horribly, I'd probably be game for this thing.
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Mamba anyone? (39 comments)
Posted by spinmove_ @ 17:49 CDT, 29 April 2009 - iMsg
Has anyone been dumb enough to spend $130 on a freaking mouse yet? I ask because I was wondering if it had prediction built in or not. I'll be getting mine pretty soon so I'll find out then, but I was wondering if anyone else had toyed with it yet.
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Razer Drivers (28 comments)
Posted by spinmove_ @ 20:25 CST, 29 January 2009 - iMsg
I've had the Salmosa for quite some time now. When I first got it, I wasn't too pleased with it and put it away and recently I decided to give it another go just to see if I was crazy. When I first tried it out, I never tried it on 1800dpi, I always used 800dpi because that's all I ever needed and didn't want any higher. Well I tried it on 1800dpi and the tracking is a whole world of difference. This thing tracks flawlessly as opposed to half-assed like it felt with 800dpi.

I'd like to keep using this mouse, but I would really like it if I could best emulate the 800dpi feel for it by adjusting the sensitivity in the drivers for it. If I lower the driver sensitivity (not windows sens) will this give the cursor a movement ratio of something other than 1:1?

Edit: Do the Razer drivers turn off all accel?
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Vista with no accel (20 comments)
Posted by spinmove_ @ 13:21 CST, 23 November 2008 - iMsg
What's the best way to strip out all the accel in Vista? I know Vista sucks, but I'm planning on building a new computer in the spring and I'm going to need a 64-bit OS. IIRC XP 64-bit still sucks just as bad if not worse in driver support so I might as well just make the necessary albeit short jump to Vista then.
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Laser mice vs. Optical mice (51 comments)
Posted by spinmove_ @ 08:22 CDT, 5 August 2008 - iMsg
Before I ask my question I'm going to give you a hypothetical situation that is rather realistic. And please, for the love of God, don't get fanboy flame happy on me. Situation: Imagine that you use a sensitivity around 25cm/360 and while you play games, you don't really generate enough speed to exceed 1m/s in your fastest flicks. Your resolution is 800x600 so you can get away with using 400dpi just fine, but if you're playing casual games at a higher resolution you'll probably want to crank that res just a little bit so 800dpi could probably fit your bill just fine if you needed it.

So there's your hypothetical situation. Now here's my question. If you put yourself in that situation, which kind of tracking sensor (laser or optical) would your choose? Why? Don't flame, don't whine, don't call me a stupid American that's had one too many cheeseburgers. I'm just curious to know what your reasoning behind your decision is.
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USB Overclocking (13 comments)
Posted by spinmove_ @ 15:45 CDT, 30 July 2008 - iMsg
So I've been reading some of the mouse threads as of late and I've noticed that a lot of people are still overclocking their USB ports to 500hz and apparently not having any issues. I heard before that doing this fried the motherboard and caused other weird issues. Is this not the case anymore? How is it typically done?
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UT99 settings (4 comments)
Posted by spinmove_ @ 10:07 CDT, 12 April 2008 - iMsg
I'm installing UT99 again and seem to have misplaced all my tweaked openGL settings and stuff. Can someone help me in tweaking that stuff?
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Team Fortress 2 (20 comments)
Posted by spinmove_ @ 09:40 CDT, 2 August 2007 - iMsg
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My config has a fanbase (8 comments)
Posted by spinmove_ @ 23:44 CST, 1 December 2006 - iMsg
Apparently there are some people here who like my config. I've noticed that every iteration that I have uploaded has been downloaded an average of 15 times or better. This last time it was downloaded 23 times in just over a month. I guess I'm just curious as to why it's being downloaded so much.

Btw, go Z4muZ!!!
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spiN... (167 comments)
Posted by spinmove_ @ 18:40 CDT, 4 October 2006 - iMsg
That name sounds like royalty. ARE YOU ROYALTY?!?!?

why...yes, yes I am.

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At last, a mouse that fits my style (9 comments)
Posted by spinmove_ @ 16:51 CDT, 24 August 2006 - iMsg
The UPS guy was kind enough to drop my G3 off at my house a day early. Since I have Thursdays off and Fridays I'm almost always hanging out with friends I was simply delighted.

Recently I had switched to an allsop raindrop xl as opposed to my icemat v2 because someone suggested I give it a shot because I seemed a little inconsistent in my aim. So after 3-4 days of use I definitely noticed my aim getting significantly more consistent and decided to give the G3 a shot. Well after two games I can say I'm really happy with it.

The shape is actually a little smaller than I expected as well as the weight which is good. The lighter the better imo. The shiny slippery plastic is nice and out of the way and the more textured plastic is nice and gripy. The side buttons are out of the way enough to not really be bothersome at all, yet not difficult at all to hit if you needed to. The dpi button is in a nice and hard to reach spot so you dont accidentallly go changing how your mouse feels mid game. The two primary buttons have a good feel to them as well as the wheel and 3rd button. The wheel has a nice solid set of detents and while the 3rd button is slightly harder to press down than I thought it was going to be, it's not bad at all.

Now, on to the tracking. This mouse tracks beautifully UNLESS YOU USE A REALLY REALLY REALLY LOW SENSITIVITY. And by low, I'm thinking you would have to use like 30-35 or more cm/360 to cause this thing to skip regularly. Users who use the mouse at 20-25cm/360 I would imagine should be fine, but then again I use 14cm/360, so I can't say with too much certainty. The 500hz polling out of the box is really nice. Something I've missed since I sold my G5 to a buddy of mine cause of several other issues with that mouse. Changing sensitivities is kinda dumb though. After you plug the mouse in the first time it's set at 800dpi. Hit it once and it goes to 2000. Hit it again and it goes back down to 800. Again yeilds a change to 400. After that it goes back up to 800 then 2000, rinse and repeat and you get the picture.

The feet are pretty slick if I do say so myself. It reminds me almost of hyperglide quality. Close, but not quite. The cord is light weight and needs to be straightened out after you first open it. But this is true for every brand new mouse.

And yes, this thing really does skip pretty bad on an icemat. Even at 14cm/360 a simple flick yeilds skipping and muddled tracking. I would definitely recommend a good cloth pad for use with all lasers until someone updates the technology a bit.

So there you have it. For $52 USD (I got mine at you get a really solid, small, lightweight, and smooth mouse. I would recommend this mouse to medium to high sens users. Low sensers will have to look at the resurrected IE3.0 or MX518 (depending upon your shape preference of course).

EDIT: Just uploaded my newest CPMA config for use with my G3.
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OMG TEH 1337 POST ROFLZ0RZ!!! (5 comments)
Posted by spinmove_ @ 19:22 CDT, 15 July 2006 - iMsg
Yeah, so uh, this is my 1337 post or whatever. Can't go on breaking tradition and not post a journal about it. So yea, here it is. Discuss!
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